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ABOUT Yibo Xuetang (Easy Polish School)

Committed to Education

​​Our Commitment

The purpose of Yibo Xuetang is to provide a platform for Chinese and international students in Poland to systematically learn Polish. Chinese professional Polish teachers teach online in their native language.

Easier to absorb and understand.

Polish is one of the most difficult languages in the world and difficult to master without years of language study. The teacher will adjust the intensity according to the student’s abilities.

From shallow to deep, students can better absorb and apply the knowledge they have learned.

Yibo Xuetang is a new cultural exchange platform. The meaning of our existence is to help more members of Bo find a sense of belonging. the importance of language,

I guess we don’t need to say more, everyone has a deep understanding of it. If you have the desire and persistence to learn Polish, please continue reading. 👇

During the current epidemic, our teachers have completed the summer class courses, A1 introductory, A1+, A2 introductory, A2+, and B1 introductory live broadcast group courses.

The students also have a better understanding and insights into the Polish language and Poland🇵🇱.

Next, this website will accept reservations for online playback courses. The learning levels currently available are A1 entry-level, A1+, and A2 entry-level playback courses.

In order to allow students to better plan their studies and integrate into the local society. Then our language is an absolutely indispensable communication tool. For more inf workers, international students, and students who have no basic knowledge of the Polish language.

Of course, students who have some basic skills and want to consolidate their studies are no exception.


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